Car Hire Tanzania Guide: Save up to 15% on Rental Cars

Get Car Hire Tanzania services from the top rated 4×4 car rental company, Afrik-Trek. Whether starting your road trip from Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Zanzibar or even Serengeti, we got you covered.

Are you in need of the best car hire services in Tanzania for your next safari?

There are several benefits that comes with hiring/renting your own private car than using public modes of transport for visitors, tourists or even nationals. With a rented car, you have the flexibility, the freedom to go wherever your heart desires, to go all about those locations you have read about in travel blogs to your satisfactions. At Afrik-Trek Car Hire Tanzania, we offer you a fleet of cars to choose from to meet your safari expectations. They are very reliable and at affordable prices from a small SUV, for a solo car rental Tanzania to a group car rental, from mid-range to luxurious Tanzania car rentals, covering all your personal interests.

Best Cars for Hire in Tanzania

Find the most reliable, safe, and well-maintained Tanzania rental car for your road trip adventure and make the most of your safari. Start planning your trip now with our diverse selection of vehicles and experience Tanzania like never before with Car Hire Tanzania. Shape your next safari with an excellent car hire that will help you reach your desired destinations. Tanzania car hire is here to make sure that your destination options are endless, we want time, personal interests and priorities be your major constraints during your Tanzania safari journeys with us, being on a self-driven or guided safari. At Afrik-Trek car hire Tanzania, we offer insured fleet of cars from mid-range to luxury rental cars.

Land cruiser V8 Renntal Tanzania

Land Cruiser V8/VX

Renting a land cruiser V8 in Tanzania is a perfect choice for those who want to travel in comfort and luxurious style. It is a strongly built car with 7seats and enough space for luggage but we recommend it to a group of utmost 5people in order to get enough space for your safari journey. Rent a land cruiser V8 with car hire Tanzania and explore all what is with held within the boundaries of the country at comfort.

Car Hire Tanzania

Safari Land Cruiser Extended

Rent our Safari land cruiser extended (7-seater) and get fully immersed in an unforgettable experience of your safari. This land cruiser was customized mainly for long distance travelers, designed with distinctive features like the fridge, air cooling system, shock absorbers, charging ports, enough space all intended to make your safari road trips smooth, comfortable and an amazing experience.

Land cruiser TX hire Kenya

Toyota Land Cruiser TX/TZ

This is one of the most suitable cars for an African jungle safari. It is a very comfortable SUV car and strong enough to maneuver difficult terrains carrying a maximum of 7 people full capacity inclusive of the driver, very good for tiring trips for those visiting lots of destinations. It is a popular choice for small groups in car hire Tanzania due to its ample space and effectiveness while on a long journey.

Land Cruiser 70series

Famously known for its robustness, its ability to conquer every kind of terrain from muddy marshlands to sandy lands, maneuver over all kinds of difficult terrains and with ease. It is quite a classic sporty vehicle, an ultimate factory machine designed mostly for safari. Rent a land cruiser 70series with car hire Tanzania and get a ride worth your hype.

Safari Vans for Rent in Tanzania

Safari Vans

Afrik-Trek Car hire Tanzania offers the most reliable and affordable safari vans. These fuel efficient, comfortable vans will help you explore all what is withheld within the boundaries of Tanzania to your satisfaction with friends and family. They are a popular choice for group travels accommodating up to 9 passengers going on a Tanzania safari holiday.

Land Cruiser GX Rental Kenya

Land Cruiser GX Manual

Land Cruiser GX is one of the mightiest off-roaders and a perfect choice for those who prefer manual transmission when going off the beaten track. It has a seating capacity of up to seven people with enough leg room and luggage space. It features a powerful diesel engine that allows it to cover long distances, maneuvering the most adverse terrain in all weather conditions.

Tanzania Car Rental Services

Afrik-Trek Tanzania Car Rental services offers you the most reliable and trusted car hire services both within and outside of Tanzania. Whether you want airport transfers, a driver-guided safari or a self-drive Tanzania, we got you covered. Tanzania car rental services include;

Car Rental with Pop up Roofs

Hire a car with a pop-up roof in Tanzania to enjoy your game drives. Car hire Tanzania offers you Land cruisers with pop roofs to give you a splendid view of wildlife in their habitats during game drives. Our fleet of land cruisers with a pop-up roof include the land cruisers V8, TZ/TX, land cruiser extended and safari vans. Land cruisers are customized mainly for holiday makers for example going for an African safari because they come with distinctive features like plenty of space to hold passengers and their luggage and still be left with enough space to do their work, they have a high ground clearance level, big windows where one can setup his camera with ease, strong engine which can maneuver any kind of terrain, land cruisers are fuel efficient making them an ideal choice for long distance travelers and  so much more. Land cruiser with a pop-up roof is an ideal choice for your next game drives.

Car Rental with a Driver Tanzania; Guided Road Trips in Tanzania:

Driving a car is most times a stressful activity most especially when you are holed up in traffic or driving for a very long time. Why not chose to worry less about all that, about your parking with Tanzania car rental with a driver.

Drivers are always trained to overcome all those stressful situations. Being on a road trip knowing that there’s that someone worrying about your comfort, ensuring that you reach your destination and on time is always worthy a ride, an amazing safari.

Self-driven safaris always seem cheaper, but car rental with driver merits exceed driving yourself most especially if it’s your first time in the country. A car rental with a driver Tanzania is one big package for example he can be a driver, and at the same time your body guard, navigator, informative and so much more.

To make the best out of your Tanzania road-trip, car rental with a driver is an ideal choice that you shouldn’t overlook and we are all that you’re looking for from a car rental with a driver.

Why Rent a Car with a Driver in Tanzania?

The importance of car rental with a driver Tanzania;

Driving a car in a foreign country for the first time can be very tiring and stressful beyond your expectations because of the many challenges that come with it for example the different driving norms, issues with navigating maps, and language barriers.

This is where a driver guide becomes a very essential part of your journey. With our profession drivers, you have got time to relax back and do your thing. They have adequate knowledge of shaping your safari according to your own wish, getting you to your desired destination.

Renting a car with a driver in Tanzania makes you feel much safer, for he will guide you and at the same time protect you for example from falling into hands of fraudsters.

He will provide you with accurate info, history or current facts about anything in the country or about your particular destination, your driver is your right navigation tool, he will save you time hence exploring multiple destinations in a very short period of time and also availing you with an interaction platform with local people hence helping you not miss an eye on special events.

Car Rental with Roof Top Tent

A car with a roof tent is an ideal choice for that traveler or tourist who wishes to camp anywhere in the jungle. The tent usually comes with a dual lift system, taking you just a few minutes to set it up and it is usually made of high-quality water proof materials to enable camping in the rain. At Afrik-Trek car hire Tanzania, we offer you Land Cruiser TX with a single roof top tent accommodating two people and a land cruiser GX with double roof top tent we normally refer to as a family roof-tent which can accommodate 2 adults with their 2 children. The roof top tent car rental Tanzania are customized with a good ground clearance for safety and their interior designs are equipped with built-in mattress and enough space and warmth to make you feel comfortable as sleeping home. Let your next safari be more adventurous by turning your car into a mobile base-camp. 

Self Drive Tanzania:

A Tanzania self-drive safari is the best choice for that tourist who wants to indulge in all what the country has to offer without being rushed to the next stop.

You will tail your safari according to your wish, dictate your own space, wander off and linger at whatever spot you feel like, explore all what is withhold with in the country’s boundaries to your satisfactions at your own pace.

At Afrik-Trek, we have the best and most reliable, affordable, comfortable, fuel efficient and well maintained fleet of 4×4 cars for self-drive Tanzania.

Our self-drive car rental in Tanzania offers you that freedom and flexibility and the ability to decide on the overall pace of your holiday. Choose your next parking with self-drive Tanzania,

How to Book a Car with Car Rental Tanzania?

Step 1: Contact Us

  • Visit our website or contact us directly via phone or WhatsApp at +256 777 906879.

Step 2: Provide Details

  • Fill out the form on our contact page with your information and specify your preference for self-drive or car rental with a driver/guide.

Step 3: Receive Assistance and Enjoy

  • Our reservation team will guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless experience as you explore Tanzania with our reliable vehicles and professional services.

Hire a Car in Tanzania

What you need to book a car in Car Rental Tanzania?

  1. A valid driver’s license; a client will be required to present a valid driver’s license which is then presented to the car rental service provider for verification. Licenses are acceptable. This process will help to prove if you are eligible and able to drive a car.
  2. A valid passport or National identification card; car rental Tanzania always asks for a personal identification document so that we collect more information on the person we are renting a car to for security purposes.
  3. Payment of the car rental services; A client is required to pay for the vehicle before he gets started with his road trip. afrik-Trek Car Hire Tanzania accepts payments in US dollars, Euros, Pound sterling and Tanzania shillings.
  4. Reading, understanding and signing of the car rental agreement; Tanzania car rental agreement will be issued to the client containing terms and conditions for renting a car in our company which he/she will read and sign as consent that you are obliged to rent and drive the car under the terms and conditions governing the company.

Car Rental Dar es Salaam, Tanzania:

Choose us for your Dar es Salaam car rental needs and unlock endless possibilities for exploration across Tanzania and beyond. Our Dar es Salaam car rental services offer a range of options, including self-drive and driver-guided tours, ensuring you have the flexibility and assistance you need to make the most of your travels.

Tourist Attractions in Dar es Salaam

Dar es salaam is one of the top tourist destinations in Tanzania one shouldn’t skip an eye on while on Tanzania safaris holding lots of tourist attractions. Some of these attractions include the village museum, national museum and house of culture, Mbudya island, Bongoyo island, Kivukoni fish market, oyster bay and so many others.

Roads in Dar es Salaam

Navigating Dar es Salaam is a breeze thanks to its well-connected highways. These roads not only link the city to Arusha and other parts of Tanzania but also extend to neighboring countries like Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Boasting excellent maintenance and minimal traffic, these highways ensure swift and seamless travel within Tanzania.

4x4 Car Rental Services in Dar es Salaam

We have the best reliable and affordable car rental services in Dar es salaam available for our clients. Contact us today for best car rental rate offers in Dar es salaam for our fleet of Toyota cars namely land cruiser V8, land cruiser Prado, land cruiser TX readily available for short term car rental or long term car rental Dar es salaam.

Car Rental Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar city is an ideal destination for travelers who want to enjoy their holidays with friends and family while chilling on the beautiful coastal beaches.

Zanzibar city is located on Unguja island featured with an historical center called stone town, coastal beaches, and three major industries namely spice industry, tourism industry and Raffia industry.

Zanzibar is a habitat to various fauna of the country attracting a number of tourists to the city.

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