Land Cruiser GX

Hire the Best 4x4 Land Cruiser GX for your Uganda Safari:

Explore Uganda in style with our 4×4 Land Cruiser GX hire Uganda. Navigate diverse terrains with ease in comfort & make the most of your self drive adventure or guided trip with our well-maintained, feature-packed land cruiser GX.

If you are seeking an easy and convenient way to see so much the “Pearl of Africa” has within her boundaries, then Land Cruiser GX hire in Uganda is definitely the best choice for you. This 4×4 Rental Uganda ride is the best both on and off-road making sure you get to your destination on time and hassle free while giving you the extra comfort and navigating the different terrains that other cars wouldn’t have conquered.

Our Land Cruiser GX is well maintained, serviced and whether you have passion for the country or craving to see the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the south west of Uganda, you will perfectly get anywhere with no worry.

If you are also coming on a business trip in Uganda, our Toyota Land Cruiser GX hire Uganda is the right car to get you to that last minute meeting or deal within the Kampala or upcountry. It’s also the right car to give you the unbeatable luxurious feeling since the experience on-road is almost the same as off-road.

Whether you are a usual traveler or first time in the country and would want Land Cruiser GX hire in Uganda on a self drive or car rental with a driver, we can make that happen. Our drivers are disciplined and well versed with the road network in the country which ensures safety and getting to your destination on time.

Land Cruiser GX Hire in Uganda

Land Cruiser GX Features:

On top of having a powerful engine of 4.0L VX, this Land Cruiser GX hire in Uganda comes with stunning features like a modern entertainment system that include the CD/DVD ROM, USB enabled charging ports, a Bluetooth enabled speaker, Air conditioner (AC), first aid box and more other features.

This Car has a sitting capacity of up to 7 people including the driver and has the ability to offer you that much desired extra comfort you need with its luxurious interior that does have seats designed to meet your needs.

Our Land Cruiser GX hire in Uganda is also available in manual transmission giving you the freedom to switch to different gears as you navigate different terrains within the country and when it comes to its fuel consumption, its lower compared to other SUVs like the Land Cruiser V8. So if you are planning to hire a car in Uganda that consumes less fuel, this is among the cars that you can rent.

You can as well rent this 4×4 drive in Uganda with a rooftop tent and camping gear ad we will be able to bring it just where you are at no cost. We also have a fleet of Land Cruiser GX with a pop up roof designed specifically for people who are planning to go for a game drive in any of the national parks in Uganda.

Cost of Renting a Land Cruiser GX in Uganda:

CarDaily rates:Weekly Rates:Monthly Rates:
Land Cruiser GXUSD 100USD 670USD 2,900
Land Cruiser GX with a DriverUSD 140USD 960USD 4,150
Land Cruiser GX with Camping GearUSD 120USD 820USD 3,520

Rent a Land Cruiser GX in Uganda!

For inquiries or reservations, please contact Car Hire Uganda via:

Additional Services:

  • Car Hire with a Driver.
  • Car rental with camping gear.
  • GPS, MiFi, roof rack on request.
  • Child seat upon request.
  • Hotel and Lodge Booking upon request.
  • Custom Itineraries for Uganda Safaris.

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