Toyota Land Cruiser TX with Popup Roof

4x4 Land Cruiser TX with Popup Roof for Game Drive Safaris

Land Cruiser TX with Popup Roof also known as Safari Jeep by adventurers is a cheap Uganda Car Rental customised for wildlife viewing and off-road explorations. Land Cruiser TX with Pop up Roof is engineered to enhance the safari experience, offering exceptional views of wildlife in national parks through its distinctive popup roof feature.

Its robust design, combined with the 4×4 capability, ensures reliability and comfort during off-road explorations, making it a preferred choice for those looking to explore East Africa at the cheapest price possible. The Land Cruiser TX with popup roof is the best option that will give you value for your money. 

Looking for a car that will make your outdoor experience in Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda? This budget Safari Jeep has got you covered!

About Land Cruiser TX with Popup Roof:

This 4WD Safari Jeep is manufactured by Japanese automaker – Toyota, but customized and modified to suit the needs of travellers especially those who look forward to camping and exploring the various destinations in East Africa.

The popup roof feature in this Toyota Land Cruiser TX/TZ makes it the ideal SUV for wildlife viewing in the various national parks and spotting the beautiful scenic views. This Land Cruiser TX with Popup Roof gives you enough headroom and ventilation that contributes to a memorable experience.

The Land Cruiser TX Pop-up Roof is also the most preferred option among travelers because of its off-road capability. This is equipped with a strong engine making it the terrain conqueror regardless of the place you are visiting. Whether you are planning to visit a national park or a remote area in Kenya, Uganda or Rwanda car hire, the Safari Jeep – Land Cruiser TX with Popup Roof is type of car to count on.

4x4 Car Rentals Uganda

Toyota Land Cruiser TX with Pop-up Roof has basically become the default option for family travel who want something able to head off-road, tow, tour around East Africa, or just load up the kids and their gear and get out of town on weekends. We have a fleet of such a car that is regularly maintained and serviced to enable you have a perfect road trip while on your visit in Uganda, Kenya Road Trip or Rwanda Vacation.

Whether you are looking at hiring a Land Cruiser TX with Popup Roof for a self-drive or with a driver, we are the leading car rental service provider in East Africa you can trust.

Specifications of the Toyota Land Cruiser TX with Popup Roof for Rent:

Why a Land Cruiser TX with Popup Roof for your Safari?

There various reasons that make this spacious Safari JeepLand Cruiser TX with Popup Roof a perfect option for your Uganda safari and these include;

  • Off-road capability: One of the features that make this Land Cruiser TX with popup roof a better option is it’s off –road capability. This is a full time 4WD vehicle equipped with a powerful engine that gives it the power to navigate through the challenging terrains with ease. If you are looking for a car to use as you explore national parks like Murchison Falls National Park or Queen Elizabeth National Park, this is the right vehicle.
  • Popup roof: What sets it apart from the other Land Cruiser TX is that it comes with a popup roof which is designed to give you a 360° view of the various wildlife species as they roam through a national park and also introduce you to stunning scenic views of the places you will be visiting. It is the best car to use as you explore Uganda’s hidden gems.
  • Spacious Interior: Nothing frustrates like a car that isn’t comfortable but the good news is that our Land Cruiser TX with popup roof isn’t among. This comes with a spacious interior that consists of comfortable leather seats with working seatbelts, air conditioner (AC), a modern entertainment system to make sure you are entertainment all through your road trip.

Land Cruiser TX Interior

  • This is a 5 – 7 seater that has adjustable front seats, second row seats that can be occupied comfortably by 2 people and a foldable third row that consist of extra 2 seats. These can as well be folded back to create room for your luggage.
  • Fuel consumption: if you are on a tight budget and looking for a car with fair fuel consumption, a Land Cruiser TX is the best option. This has a 2,700cc engine and a Petrol car. It consumes 12.7L/100KM.
  • Safety and security: a Land Cruiser TX with popup roof has fully functional seatbelts and a central automatic locking system keeping you and your loved safe on the road. This spacious SUV also has airbags that will protect you in case of collision.

Our Land Cruiser TX with Popup Roof will definitely work for you as you explore the various remote places, national parks and so much more. Talk to us today and we will be able to reserve it for you at very unbeatable prices.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Land Cruiser TX with Popup Roof?

The cost of renting a Land Cruiser TX with popup roof will vary and this mainly depends on the rental duration and the destination as well. For travelers who are renting this car on a long term, we have amazing discounts that you will enjoy whether you are on a self drive or guided safari thus reducing the cost of car hire.

Safari Jeep

For travelers who plan to cross borders into Rwanda or Uganda or Long Term Car Rental Kenya, we always request you to inform us weeks prior to your trip so that we arrange the required documents to enable you cross into another country and explore so much that these have within their boundaries.

Unlike others, our car rental rates come with unlimited mileage to enable you visit any destination of your choice at your pace. We also have no hidden charges that may arise during your time with the car which makes us the suitable car rental service provider you can trust.

Our cost of Land Cruiser TX with Popup Roof if you are looking forward to exploring East Africa is $100 per day which is much more affordable. If you rent for more than 3 months, we have amazing discounts for you.

Land Cruiser TX with Pop up Roof Rental Costs:

Land Cruiser TX with Popup Roof Rental Costs:


With Driver Guide


USD 70 / Day

USD 100 / Day


USD 90 / Day

USD 120 / Day


USD 110 / Day

USD 140 / Day

What do I need to hire a Land Cruiser TX with Pop-up Roof?

For travelers on a self-drive, you will need to provide us with a valid copy of your driving license, an international driving license, a copy of your driving license and having received these, we will take you through the booking process and make sure your Safari Jeep – Land Cruiser TX with pop up roof is reserved and made available for your trip.

If you are hiring this SUV with a driver, we will request you to share with us a copy of your passport for identity purposes. We have the best drivers who are well versed with the road network in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya to make sure you get to your final destination with ease.

Overall, a Land Cruiser TX with popup roof is the best vehicle you can use as you explore the various parts of East Africa and will get you anywhere with ease.

Rent a Toyota Land Cruiser TX with Popup Roof:

For inquiries or reservations, please contact Afrik-Trek Car Hire Uganda via:

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