Tips For Self Drive Tour In Uganda

12 Practical Tips For Self Drive Tour In Uganda; Safari Tips

Tips for a self drive tour in Uganda serve best as guidelines that any solo-traveler should observe. Self-drive safari tours are more of adventure since it involves you exploring new destinations.

To get the best of a Uganda self-drive safari tour, you need to be keen enough and we believe that the following tips will get you an ultimate road trip. Checkout our Car Rental vehicle Fleet to choose from.

Top Best Tips for Self Drive Tour in Uganda:

  1. Do not drive at night 

Whether you are on self drive tour in Uganda or guided safari, never drive at night. Not every part of Uganda has street lights and even when they do, it is never safe to embark on a road trip at night. Always make sure that you get to your destination before 6:00 pm.

Note, no one is allowed to get to the national parks at 6:00 am and 6:00 pm. The disadvantage with driving at night is that it is not easy to get assistance, especially in the case of car breakdown. 

  1. Make the best use of road maps or GPS

Because a self drive tour in Uganda is more of an adventure, a GPS should be must-have gear for you.

Self drive tour in Uganda are all about discovering new destinations and higher chances are, you may get lost and the best way to get back to the right direct is by using a GPS. You also need guidebooks and preferably Brandt. 

  1. Check thoroughly the car to be used

Thoroughly your self-drive car hire before setting off is essential and we advise all solo travelers to do so. Don’t make assumptions and be taken up by the shining exterior part of your car.

Make sure that you have cross-checked the tyres if they are in good shape or conditions, lights, oil, wiper blades as well as water level.

  1. Always keep left

Driving in Uganda, you have to keep left. In case you are not comfortable with this arrangement, please hire the car and driver and still, you have a chance to enjoy your road trip at your pace.

Ugandan Roads
Ugandan Roads
  1. Always make regular stopovers

Nonstop driving is dangerous and it is not a crime to make stopovers at specific points. This is one way to allow you to stretch your muscles and also fuel the car because there are no fuel stations in the national parks. 

  1. Rest in case you are tired

For solo-travelers on long distance trips, higher chances are you will become tired. If you get to this situation, please park somewhere and take some rest.

However, for those of you who are two and your colleague knows how to drive, you can exchange as you have some rest.

  1. Get to know the weather patterns

The dry and wet season are the two significant seasons every traveler needs to put in mind when planning self-drive trip or guided tour. The dry months of the year in Uganda start from June-September and December-February and it is characterized by low rainfall.

These are the best months for primate tracking, especially for mountain gorilla trekking. The rainy months of the year begin from March-May and October-November. These are perfect months of the year in Uganda for bird watching.

  1. Speed limit

While self drive tour in Uganda is exciting, speed limit is very significant for every solo-traveler to take. On your Uganda self-drive safari, higher chances are that you will find several speed restrictions and they all serve different purposes.

Driving speed limit on highways is 50 km/hour and other sign posts can show 40 km per hour. Where schools, health centers are, you have to keep within 30 km per hour.

  1. Traffic police

For starters on a Uganda self-drive trip, higher chances are you will bump into traffic police officers. However, there is no need for you to get worried because they are on their duty.

Just you are stopped, please do so and ease their duty. Avoid bribing police officers because you have been speeding. They are not doing so for themselves but for your safety while on the road. Read the road Safety laws in Uganda.

  1. Mobile network coverage

The fact that most safaris in Uganda are conducted in remote areas, higher chances are you will face challenges with network coverage.

Some areas do not have network and while at the national park, you will be advised to go to specific areas that catch network. However, for those of you with satellite phones, you can have it. 

  1. Consider other road users

Driving in Uganda involves other road users. Therefore, make sure that you are keen on other road users, especially the goats, cyclists, students, boda bodas, cattle among others.

Self Drive Uganda

  1. Observe the set park rules and regulations

When you get to a national park of your choice, always observe the set rules and regulations. For those who happen to over speed, you will incur a charge of about UG. Shs. 100,000 and $150 in case of off-track driving.

Bonus Tip: Read our guide on best Tips on how to save fuel when driving in Uganda.


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Tips For Self Drive Tour In Uganda
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