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Frequently Asked Questions are the questions people usually ask about things they want to do. We Travel answers some of those questions and is ready to answer more, just fill the form with questions you may have we will provide answers.

What is a rental Voucher?

This is a summary of all details relating to the booking you presented at the local rental desk.

What are the age limits and restrictions for a car rental?

Age limits and restrictions are made by car rental companies/agents. This means car rental agents may set minimum and maximum age for a driver they can give out a car to. Some companies have young and senior driver’s fee of any age group or else age restrictions are included in the terms and conditions of each rental.

Is there a charge for a younger driver?

The charge for a younger driver depends on any car rental agent together with the country of travel. The minimum age may differ however most car rental agents charge young drivers under 25 years of age.

Can anyone above 75 years of age rent a car?

The answer depends on the car rental agent and the country of travel. However most car rental companies allow any person of any age to drive or rent. But before you book a car you must check with the car rental company as some companies have age limits of 75 years and below.

Can the car I rent cross to another country?

This depends on the car rental company you will be renting from. Each car rental company has a different restrictions regarding border crossing travel. But, you cross to other countries with our rented cars.

Are there additional costs for border crossings?

Advised to check with the car rental company upon arrival as restrictions and charges may apply however cross border travel fees may vary from country to country. Each company will state the terms and conditions of your rental Voucher to countries allowed for border crossing to your particular car rental.

Can the vehicle I rented be dropped off at a different location?

Yes dropping off the vehicle to a different location is possible however there is always a fee to cover up the logistics of taking back the car to its original place. It is good if you check on the rental company website about rate details before booking or time of booking.

Why is there a one way fee? – Frequently Asked Questions About Car Hire

The one fee is mainly charged on most bookings if you choose to drop the car to a different location to where you got your rental car from. This fee is clearly indicted in the terms and conditions that are sent to you at time of booking.

What kind of name of the car rental agent that will supply me with the Vehicle?

This is provided in the confirmation email and on the Voucher or it can be founded to you once the booking is confirmed.

Where can I check the T&C of the rental company on the website?

As you are making your booking for a car rental, you must confirm that you read, understand and agreed to the car rental company conditions and terms. Always the terms and conditions for a car rental company are available to view once you click on car rental conditions.

Where can I find directions to locate the rental agent at the pickup location?

The details and contacts for a car rental company/agent are available on your rental voucher.

Can I change the fuel policy?

For the fuel policy is set by the rental provider. The policy is also clearly stated in the terms and conditions of your rental voucher. Cartrawler is not titled to change the fuel policy as it is set by the car rental company and charged upon arrival at the rental desk.

What is included in the rate? (Frequently Asked Questions About Car Hire)

The following is included in the rates however they can change depending on the country of travel; 3rd party liability Protection, Tax, Unlimited Mileage, Collision Damage Waiver, Airport Fee, and breakdown Assistance. The rate may change depending on what will be included in your rate. This is clearly shown as you are selecting your rental car.

What languages do you support?

· English

· French (François)

· Luganda

· Swahil

How can I get a quotation?

You can get a quotation online or else you can call us to find the best price possible for a specific requirement.

Can I pay for the balance at the desk with my debit card and provide a credit card only for excess?

This will depend on the rental company provider servicing your booking. Rental company agents require payment for balance on the same credit card as the preauthorization of excess. However the credit card has to be in the name of the main driver.

Do I need another form of ID?

At times you may be requested to provide another form of ID with proof of your address. But it may vary between rental agents. However refer to the terms and conditions of your rental Voucher.

How much is the fuel deposit? – Frequently Asked Questions About Car Hire

Fuel deposit for your car rental is provided by the rental company which is issuing to you’re the car. It would be better if you refer to the rental voucher for more details.

What is the price for full tank of petrol?

The price of the fuel and its value is set by the rental provider not the Cartrawler. The charge of the fuel is a price that sits outside the price of your basic rental.

What does pick up full return empty mean?

This means that you will be picking your car with full tank of petrol and return the vehicle with the tank empty. The charges for fuel are payable at the car rental location as you are collecting your vehicle.

Can I choose or get a diesel vehicle at the desk?

The type of car fuel is chosen at the time of making reservations with the company. However if your booking was made for a petrol vehicle then the rental provider may not have a diesel car available for your rental. But you can see details and summary of the type of cars reserved in the booking details section of your confirmation voucher

What is a security deposit?

A security deposit is a fee that is pre-authority on your credit card to cover up for charges that may not be part of your standard insurance package or fuel package; such as damage or missing fuel.

What steps can I take if the vehicle is not up to the standard/in the conditions I expect?

If you find that the conditions of the vehicle donot meet the standards you expect then you need to raise the issue immediately to the car rental company.

Can I extend my rental while my rental is in progress?

This is only possible by requesting the extension directly with your car rental agent. However the extensions cannot be made after your rental pickup time.

What do I do if I do not receive my rental vehicle?

In most cases it is not possible if you made reservations with the company to have no car available for you at the desk. However if cases happen, please contact us by logging a ticket through the contact us section of this website and please add on any attaching documents such as rental agreement, invoice and we will help you solve that error.

How can I contact you?

Check for the company’s’ contacts details in the details section for a dedicated telephone number to call from your country.

If I was overcharged when renting a car whom can I contact?

Please review the details on your rental voucher and check if you accepted any optional extras at the rental desk (typically, G.P.S., child seat, additional Insurance etc.), or added another driver to the booking. These type of charges are payable at the rental desk and would be additional to the rental price on your Voucher. However, if you feel you have been overcharged please contact by logging a ticket through the contact us section of this website with a description of your query and all your supporting documents (rental agreement, final invoice).

How do I make a claim for Mondial Excess Reimbursement if I need to?

All claims should be made directly with Mondial insurance when you get back from your trip. You will get the information you need to make a claim shortly after purchasing your insurance.

In the event that there is damage to the vehicle during my rental, what steps do I need to take, who do I contact?

If there is damage to the rental vehicle, you are entitled to contact the rental agent directly. As Car trawler does not deal to queries as these need to be reviewed with the rental agent.

What is your cancellation policy? (Frequently Asked Questions About Car Hire)

If the booking is cancelled within 7 days of the car rental booking date and at least 48 hours before pick up time, all funds will be reimbursed. If the booking is cancelled outside 7 days of the car rental booking date and at least 48 hours before the pickup time, all funds except a cancellation fee and the card processing fee (where applicable), will be reimbursed. If the booking is cancelled less than 48 hours before the pickup time, no funds will be reimbursed, or if you have a fully prepaid rental and equivalent of 3 days rental plus

What is the name of the car rental agent, which I hired the car from?

This is always provided in the confirmation email and in the voucher. It can also be found once the booking is confirmed.

How can I chancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking through Cartrawler website which is the only accepted method located below Manage your Booking.

What happens if I do not print off the voucher?

If you donot print off voucher and no voucher is presented, you could be charged a higher rate for your rental car

Where can I find the rental voucher?

Upon confirming your email, you will be sent an email plus a link which you will click to see/ print your rental voucher.

How can I add an additional driver? – Frequently Asked Questions About Car Hire

This is done at the time of vehicle collection. You also need to tell the agent that you wish to add an additional driver to your booking. However the payment of this field is locally in the local currency.

What is the name of the car rental agent that will provide me with the vehicle?

The name of the company is found once the booking is confirmed and is also provided in the confirmation email and the rental voucher.

What are the opening hours of the car rental company?

Opening hours of the car rental agency can be found on the car rental agency website.


Some of the Frequently Asked Questions About Car Hire in Uganda

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