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Book hassle-free car rentals in Uganda with Car Hire Uganda! Choose from self drive to cars with a driver in Kampala and Entebbe at a cheap cost. With competitive prices and excellent customer service, Car Hire Uganda is your go-to car rental provider in Uganda. Book now for a stress-free and enjoyable driving experience in Uganda.

Uganda Car Rental

We offer car rental services in Uganda with a variety of cars available for hire on both guided (chauffeur) and self drive plan.

Uganda Safaris Tours

Besides offering car rental services in Uganda, we also organize memorable Uganda safari holidays for our clients.

Lodge/Hotel Booking

We don't stop at car hire and safari planning only, we use our expertise to choose the best hotels and lodges for our clients.

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Self-Drive Guidelines

Why Choose Car Hire Uganda?

Reasons to hire a car from Our Company

Car Hire Uganda 4×4 rental cars are well maintained and serviced frequently by experts during your journey around East Africa to prevent any inconvenience. For over 3 years now, we’re the best self drive car hire Uganda company! Before and after each journey, our specialists completely check and test our vehicles.

Best 4x4 Car Hire Uganda

Our Most Popular Rental Cars in Uganda

Toyota Rav4 - car Hire

4×4 Toyota Rav4 for Hire | Cheap 4×4 Car Hire Uganda for Self drive. Have unforgettable self-drive car rental experience in Uganda with our classic and comfortable 4×4 Toyota Rav4 rental cars in Uganda. 

Toyota Super Custom Vans

Toyota Super Custom Vans for hire in Uganda – Cheap Safari Car Hire Uganda. Need a pocket-friendly car to hire for your safari in Uganda? Our Safari Super Custom Vans are by far the best option you can take

Toyota Land Cruiser TX

Toyota Land Cruisers TX for hire in Uganda | 4×4 Car Rental Uganda. Toyota Land Cruiser TX is one of the most comfortable SUV cars suitable for all kinds of roads be it main or off-road. Rent Toyota Land-Cruiser

4x4 Toyota Land Cruisers Hard Top Extended

4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers Hard Top Extended – Safari Car Rental Uganda. Rent our 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers Hard Top Extended and have the best of a Uganda safari. our Toyota Land Cruisers Hard Top Extended

How to Book

  • Spot a Car of your Choice

    Search among Car Hire Uganda listed cars and choose one that will serve your travel purpose better. Compare the size, the cost, fuel consumption and terms before booking.

  • Book By Email or WhatsApp

    Feel in the form on our contact us page and choose the name of the car you choose. Or, click on the WhatsApp button and text us directly.

  • Pick Up Vehicle or Request Pickup

    Let us know of where you would like to pick up your your rented car. It might be an Airport, a hotel and at our offices. It is advised to also know of the destinations.

  • Enjoy your ride

    Enjoy unlimited driving miles as you drive around Uganda. You should also observe traffic rules to avoid traffic charges and accidents.

  • Drop off / Return the Car

    After enjoying your ride, you should drop it off at the agreed location. The drop off time must be communicated so that our agent can pick it up.

Save up to 30%

Ride More Save More

  • 1 – 7 Days – Standard Rates
  • 8 – 12 Day – 10% Discount
  • 13 – 21 Days – 15% Discount
  • 22 – 30 Days – 20% Discount
  • 31 Days Plus = 30% Discount
  • Luxury Car Rental

4×4 Toyota Prado Land Cruiser – Luxury Car Hire Uganda for Safaris. Rent our Luxury 4×4 Prado Land Cruiser and get on a road trip in Uganda comfortably. Our Prado Land Cruisers feature

  • Safari Vehicles for Hire

4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers Hard Top Extended – Safari Car Rental Uganda. Rent our 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers Hard Top Extended and have the best of a Uganda safari. Our Toyota Land

  • Self-Drive Car Rental

Tips for a self-drive tour in Uganda serve best as guidelines that any solo-traveler should observe. Self-drive safari tours are more of adventure since it involves you exploring new destinations

  • Budget Car Hire Uganda

A car hire is by far the best way you can get to your dream destination. Despite this fact, getting the best car hire Uganda for your safari in Uganda is the most challenging part of planning a trip.

Rent a Car in Uganda? WhatsApp: +256 752 906 965

FAQs about Car Hire in Uganda

Where can I check the T&C of the rental company on the website?

As you are making your plans to Rent a Car in Uganda, you must confirm that you read, understand and agreed to the car rental company conditions and terms. Always the terms and conditions for a car rental company are available to view once you click on car rental conditions.

Can I change the fuel policy?

For the fuel policy is set by the rental provider. The policy is also clearly stated in the terms and conditions of your rental voucher. Cartrawler is not titled to change the fuel policy as it is set by the car rental company in Uganda and charged upon arrival at the rental desk.

Travel Guide to Car Hire Uganda

Car Rental Tips In Uganda?

Today in Uganda youth below 25 years of age are not permitted to drive rental cars. Many Uganda car rental companies won’t give out or trust any youth below 25 years of age to drive their cars. However, so do other Car Hire Uganda companies and considering the government Law, a person above 18 years is considered mature enough to join the Army, Vote, pay taxes, and go clubbing.

Traffic Laws In Uganda

What are the traffic laws in Uganda? Driving in Uganda can be exciting and ideally everyone’s dream but requires you to be observant on the various traffic laws. By

Read More

Self-Drive Guidelines

Self-driving in Uganda is a unique travel experience presently becoming most preferred by many Uganda safari travelers. Solo-travelers on Uganda self-drive tour

Read More

Best Car Rental Uganda

In most cases you may incur confusions on where to hire the most cost-effective means of transport once you are in Uganda. The country has all transport means to make

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Car Rental Terms

As you are planning to drive yourself while on a tour to Uganda, East Africa. Keep in mind that there are car rental terms or rules that govern the car you will be interested in 

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What is the minimum Age to Rent a Car?

Due to more accidents caused by drivers less than 25 years than any other age groups. Uganda Car Rental companies have penalized drivers under 25 years of age to rent or drive their cars. However today it is not bleak as it was a thousand years ago, when car rental companies refused car rentals less than 25 years. Now drivers between 21-24 can now rent a car in most locations of Uganda.

In most cases, youth drivers ages 20 to 21 or 24 have been made to pay a daily surcharge depending on the period, location and type of car. Prices for car categories such as luxury car hire Uganda, vans, SUVs limits renters to rent cars. For Drivers fewer than 18 and 19 are mostly or completely unable to rent cars in most car rental companies in Uganda. In most cases agencies do not allow drivers below 18years, perhaps an additional pay for the privilege. To avoid high payment rates to the Uganda Car Hire companies, compare fees and restrictions with rental agencies you need to rent from and other companies

Self-Drive Uganda Safaris

Uganda Safaris and Tour Packages

Besides Uganda Car Rentals, we also offer safari holidays to different destinations in Uganda. You can book a car and go on a self driven Uganda safari or we can take you on a guided Uganda Safari on both luxury and budget tour plan. 

3 Days Gorilla Trekking Bwindi - Car Hire

3 Days Gorilla Trekking Bwindi

3 Days Gorilla Trekking Bwindi will guide you to Bwindi impenetrable national park located in south western Uganda and a home to half of the world’s mountain gorilla population. Our

7 Days Uganda Safari

7 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari

Our 7 Days Uganda Safari to Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth and Kibale National Park will guide you to Uganda’s astonishing attractions found in these three national parks. Bwindi being famous for the

8 Days Wildlife and Primate Safari

8 Days Wildlife and Primate Safari

The 8 Days Wildlife and Primate Safari will guide through Uganda abundant parks like Kibale national park for chimp trekking and Bigodi walk, queen Elizabeth national park for game dives and boat cruise

5 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari

5 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari

Our 5 Days Uganda safari will guide you to Bwindi impenetrable national park and Queen Elizabeth National park for both gorilla trekking experience and Tree climbing lions plus many other

Requirements you should have to hire a car in Uganda and cross to another country.

A valid passport and visas

In order for you to have access to another country, a valid passport and visa are a must-have travel documents. Residents who have the East African passport may not require a visa to visit Rwanda or Kenya. On the other hand, you can also have an emergency travel document other than a valid Uganda passport or a national identity card (ID).

 Letter of authority from car hire company

A letter of authority should be given to you by a car rental company you hire a car and in case you have any plan to drive to another countries.

Need help Renting a Car in Uganda? WhatsApp: +256 752 906 965

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Cheap Car Rental Uganda

Cheap Self Drive Cars for Hire in Uganda

Toyota Corona

The kind of car is perfect for navigating Uganda’s atmosphere or the road side vegetations. The kind of car is an exclusive 4 seater saloon car which is best for use in city and surfaced smooth roads. Features of a Toyota Corona; (Airbags, CD player, Manual or Automatic, 1500cc Petrol Engine, Power Steering, ABS Brakes, Electronic Windows, Air Conditioned)

Toyota Premeo

This is a luxury mid-size sedan vehicle with 4 door saloon cars and 4 seats, the kind of car is best for use in town environment with a smooth surfaced road. Features of a Toyota Premo include; (Airbag, Power window, 1800cc Petrol Engine, Transmission, Automatic or Manual, Centralized door lock)

Toyota Rav4

This is one of the most popular rental car options. The car has enough cabin space for about 5 passengers with their belongs. Features of a Toyota Rav4; (240cc petrol engine, 5 seater car, Air bag, Air conditioned, Automatic or Manual)

Other cars that will make your trip memorable and unique include SUVs, Land Cruiser Prado, TX, TZ, VTX, V8, Vans, safari cars, Mini vans, Buses, Trucks, open roof cars among others. The Car Hire Uganda options all provide Leather seating and enough leg room space for a perfect way to travel. The kinds of cars are great for business, leisure activities or weekend road trips.

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