Traffic Laws In Uganda

Traffic Laws In Uganda

A Comprehensive Guide to Traffic Laws in Uganda: Road Safety.

What are the Traffic Laws in Uganda? Driving in Uganda can be exciting and ideally everyone’s dream but requires you to be observant on the various traffic laws. By observing the set traffic laws in Uganda, you will certainly have a smooth road trip while on Uganda safari holiday or business trip.

Traffic laws in Uganda play a significant role firstly, it reduces the rate of road accidents once they well-observed. To drive in Uganda the pearl of Africa whether using a rental car or your personal car, you must have a valid driver license.

Interestingly, there is freedom when it comes to driving in Uganda regardless of your country of origin. With such liberty, Uganda has become the most preferred safari destination by most Uganda safari travelers.

Understanding Uganda’s traffic rules and regulations will help you promote road safety in Uganda safeguarding Pedestrian rights and other road users. The traffic laws in Uganda include; Common traffic violations and their penalties in Uganda, Tips for safe driving in Uganda, Road infrastructure and traffic management rules, and the Importance of following traffic laws in Uganda, etc.

Some of the Traffic Laws in Uganda – Road Safety Regulations in Uganda:

  • To drive any type of car on Uganda safari, you must possess a valid drivers license and without it, means you are illegally on the road. Therefore, prior setting off in a rental car for your Uganda safari holiday, make sure a valid driver license is available.
Uganda drivers license
Uganda drivers license
  • Drunk driving laws in Uganda; Driving in Uganda under the influence of drugs/alcohol is illegal. The allowed blood alcohol level is 0.08 percent.
  • Speed limits in Uganda; While driving along highways, the speed limit to maintain should be 100kms per hour. Outside built up places keep within 80kms per hour and 50kms per hour while in urban areas.
  • You should be 18 years and above if you are to drive in Uganda. Travelers on Uganda safari tour with a plan to rent a car, some car hire agencies accept persons above 23 years to rent their cars and a valid driving license is a must-have. Your driver license should be valid at least for 2 years and don’t carry expired driver license.
  • Don’t drive while on phone at the same time. This is wrong behavior and it is one of the violated traffic precautions by most drivers. Such behavior can distract ones attention something that can result into road accident.
  • Seat belt laws in Uganda; Always be on your seat belt when driving. Before setting off, ensure that everyone is also on their seat belts in case you are on large group travel on Uganda safari tour. This is to ensure safety of everyone. Note, safety always starts first with you!
  • Road safety regulations in Uganda; In case you plan to take motorcycle, a protective helmet should be on and this shouldn’t only apply to motorcyclist but all parties (that is including the passenger).
  • Any case of road assistance, contact your car hire agency-some car rental companies provide 24/7 road assistance especially for road accidents and there is need to replace the rental car you were using or get in touch with Uganda police; call 999 for emergencies.

  • Traffic signs and signals in Uganda; Make sure you read, understand the road signs. By observing the road signage, the rate of road accidents can be reduced and you will also have a smooth drive on Uganda safari holiday.
  • The car used on road trip in Uganda should be insured but what is amazing is that, our rental cars are comprehensively insured. Driving in Uganda like it is in other countries comes with risks and it is important to ensure your rental car is insured to cover losses or damages. Essentially, you may need a third party insurance to cover cases of injuries due to road accidents while on road trip in Uganda.


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