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Benefits of Self-Drive Congo; 10 Reasons for Self Drive Tour

Hiring a car for a self-drive Congo, the Democratic Republic (DRC) is amazingly a perfect way for you to unlock the country’s wonders at ease. Self-drive car rental Congo are affordable and they make it easier for you to connect from one point to another. If you intend to travel in large numbers, then self-drive Congo car hire services are ideal choice for you.

Self-drive car hire services have become the most famous automobile-related services, especially for holidaymakers who would like to use a car for a short period say for a day or a week. Using a self-drive Congo rental car for your road still allows you treat it like it is your very own ride. There are enormous benefits one can enjoy when using a self-drive rental car.

Top Benefits of Hiring a Car for a Self-drive Congo:


Hiring a self-drive rental car for your road trip means you stand a chance to take the route of your choice. Self-drive Congo car hire service provide ultimate freedom to travelers and you aren’t answerable to anyone.

Besides route flexibility, renting a car for self-drive road trips is a great deal for you to enjoy a ride of your dream class of a car without necessarily owning it. Yes, owning a car can be costly but with self-drive car hire services, you can have a vehicle that fits your lifestyle- you use it for a number of days you intend to be in the destination.

Interestingly, choosing your dream rental car for your self-drive tours in Congo shouldn’t be something to worry you. We have a range of comfortable rides suitable for all Congo self-drive safaris and tours. They are mechanically fit and of high quality.

Safety and Security.

On a self-drive trip, there is no need to rush. Often, you need to maximize every opportunity as you unearth the country’s wonders. You are the one in control and this means, you can drive within the speed limit and all security protocols.

There is even a chance for you to make multiple stopovers to allow yourself have enough rest en-route to your destination.


Complete privacy is guaranteed when using a self-drive vehicle in the D.R. Congo unlike if you used public means. At times having a driver can be good but the disadvantage is, he or she can interrupt/he will try to involve in a chit-chat something you many not enjoy on your road trip.

This is why when you opt for a self-drive Congo service, your road trip won’t have any interruptions from anyone.


Hiring a car for a self-drive Congo can save you a lot. Compared to renting a car plus a driver, self-drive rental cars save you from the cost for hiring a driver and then also the vehicle.

Unlimited Fun.

With self-drive car services, expect unlimited fun. Often, these services are enjoyable by friends or families. While on self-drive road trips, you have opportunity to make multiple stopovers for you to explore different attractions in D. R. Congo at your own pace.

Saves you a lot of Money.

Owning a car is perhaps everyone’s dream. When you have your own ride, you can set off for a trip at any time of the day to your destination. This kind of freedom may not be enjoyed by others with no vehicles. But also, having your own car comes with an expense, especially ensuring that your ride is always well-maintained.

The cost of repairing the vehicle at times can be alarming. With self-drive rental cars, you can avoid such expenses. When you hire a car for your road trip, the cost for repairing is entirely felt by the car hire company you will be dealing with.

Additionally, vehicles generally depreciate in value as time goes on. Once your new ride rolls out of the showroom that is the start of you losing money. Also, dealerships usually make it difficult to change your mind as you are bound to expensive finance deals.

Luckily, hiring a car won’t have you tied to costly investment but rather allows you switch at ease to any car of your choice without any hassle.

Enjoy a Holiday in a Unique Style.

There is nothing that brings ultimate comfort and freedom on a holiday like embarking on a road trip using a rental car. Car hire services come with plenty of options catering for travel desires of all kinds of visitors. Regardless of your budget, there is a cheaper option that fits the kind of your road trip.

Even if it is your first time visiting Congo, some rental cars come with Global Positioning Systems (GPS). This can help you, especially where you need to find direction to your destination or accommodation facility. With this gear, chances of you getting lost are reduced.

Ideal for Corporate Trips.

If you are interested in corporate road trip, then hiring a self-drive Congo car rental should be a must-do. We have classic rides suitable for corporate travels and include comfortable 4×4 Land Cruisers, 4×4 Double Cabin rentals, Land Cruiser LX, Land Cruiser Hybrid, Land Cruiser V8, and others.

In case of Heavy Cargo/Luggage

Rental cars for self-drive are ideal for visitors with heavy luggage. Our rental cars come with adequate spaces that accommodations your property safely and comfortably. This makes it the best choice compared to using public means where packing may not be taken as a careful as private rental cars.

Short/Long Haul Trips

Self-drive Congo car rental options are suitable for short or long haul trips. This makes self-drive car hire services cost-effective, especially where you are interested in budget-friendly rides for that specific trip without needing to purchase your own.

No need to Wait for the Driver

Self-drive entirely means embarking on a road trip without hiring a driver. You book your self-drive rental car and on actual date of vacation, your pick up your ride at the agreed location. From here, you can set off to your dream destination without waiting for a professional driver.

Benefits of Self-Drive Congo

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