5 Unique Self-Drive Routes for Kenya Road Trip

5 Unique Self-Drive Routes for Kenya Road Trip, Itineraries:

There are many places to visit for self-drive experience but there is something unusual about these Self-Drive Routes for Kenya road trip safari. Kenya is by far an outstanding African safari destination that guarantees nature enthusiasts authentic wilderness experiences.

On a Kenya self-drive tour, expect to enjoy the breathtaking views of the countryside landscapes, extensive national parks and bustling cities including the coastal towns rich with distinct cultures and history.

Self-Drive Routes for Kenya Road Trip connect visitors to different destinations, each offering a distinct experience. Kenya is located in East Africa and lots of exceptional routes are available, each ushering to unusual tourist sites in this magical destination.

Top Self-Drive Routes for Kenya Road Trip You Should Take;

Nairobi –Lake Naivasha.

Nairobi-Lake Naivasha route is a short road trip and is excellent for guests interested in short drives away from the heart of bustling Nairobi city.

With this route, it is possible to embark on a one-day road trip from Nairobi to Lake Naivasha and what is remarkable is that, visitors are guaranteed of mesmerizing views from the Great Rift Valley, especially at Mathore Viewpoint, an exceptional attraction of its own.

Mathore is art gallery and a unique attraction in Kiambu County, Kenya and is key stopover point on Nairobi-Naivasha route.

A road trip on Nairobi-Naivasha takes about 50km and other than the breathtaking views at the valley floor, there is an alternative of making another stopover at the Traveler’s Chapel also referred to as the Mai Mahiu Church.

The Mai Mahiu Church is a stone catholic church and was constructed by Italian prisoners of the 1942 war. It is recognized among the smallest churches in the world, and so a distinct attraction.

At Lake Naivasha National Park, expect myriad of experiences to make your holiday memorable. The most exciting experiences to enjoy include horseback riding, boat ride excursions, birding; explore the Crescent Island Game Sanctuary, and others.

This tourist site is most popular for its incredible bird sightings including the red-billed ducks, Northern pintail, whistling ducks, Helmeted guinea fowls, flamingos, Eurasian nightjars, black cuckoos, white-browed caudal, long-toed lapwing, Caspian plovers, crowned lapwings, bar-tailed Godwit, African snipe, ruddy turnstone, curlew sandpiper, cormorants, secretary birds, great spotted eagle, little sparrow hawks, African fish-eagle, verreaux’s eagle, long-crested eagle, European honey-buzzards, and others.

Nairobi –Maasai Mara.

Road tripping to Maasai Mara should be a must-do on Kenya self-drive tour. Masai Mara National Reserve is exceptionally Africa’s leading wilderness reserve, home to the great migration and Maasai people.

Nairobi –Maasai Mara

A visit to Maasai Mara rewards you with remarkable experiences from the breathtaking landscapes, authentic cultural experiences, mesmerizing wildlife encounters to amazing bird sighting.

It is 5-5 hours’ drive from Nairobi to Maasai Mara and while at the reserve, expect to engage in variety of experiences including game drives, wildebeest migration (depending on the season but excellent around June to September), birding, hot air balloon safaris, guided walks, cultural interaction at the Maasai community, and others.

Expected wildlife encounters at Maasai Mara include the big 5 game –African bush elephants, rhinos, cape buffaloes, lions, leopards, wildebeest, cheetahs, black-backed jackals, bat-eared fox, spotted hyenas, and more than 500 species of birds.

The reserve’s birds include the giant kingfishers, Abdim’s storks, African wood owl, cinnamon breasted bunting, Ayres’s hawk eagle, kori bustards, goliath heron, long-tailed cormorant, ostriches, to mention but a few.

Nairobi to Kisumu.

This is one of the enriching routes you should expect to undertake on self-drive tour in Kenya. Embarking on Nairobi-Kisumu route allows you to explore the country’s beautiful towns en-route, especially Nakuru and Kericho where you will have mesmerizing views of the Elementaita and the Great Rift Valley.

On arrival at Kisumu, expect to visit key tourist sites, especially the Torok Falls, Kerio Valley, Cheploch Gorge, Lake Kamnarok and more. Your road trip also combines authentic cultural experiences as you stand a chance to have a taste of local cuisines at the popular Iten Viewpoint.

At Kisumu, iconic places to expect to explore include Kisumu museum, Hippo point, Kit Mikayi, art markets, Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, Kiboko Bay, Dunga Hill Camp and more.

Nairobi – Amboseli.

A journey from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park is amazing and comes with great sights. Amboseli lies adjacent to the world’s free standing mountain –Kilimanjaro, and most popular for its huge herds of African elephants.

At Amboseli, you have up to 5 varied habitats to explore and include wetlands with sulphur springs, dried up bed of Lake Amboseli, Savanna and woodlands. In addition, embark on a cultural visit at the Maasai community in the surrounding area to the park.

Amboseli National Park

Varied wildlife species to look out for; dik-dik, cheetahs, zebras, leopards, giraffes, lions, kudus, wild dogs, elephants and more.

Mombasa Road Trip

What is a road trip in Kenya without a visit to the coastline? Think of a memorable road trip in Kenya and think not beyond the Mombasa road trip, all-round destination at the coast.

Mombasa road trips offer amazing mix of exciting experiences from beach holidays, especially at Diani beach where you can enjoy great sunset views over the clear blue waters; to exploring the unique history of the beautiful coastal town –Mombasa.

Most important historical site not to miss exploring is the Fort Jesus, built by the Portuguese between 1593 and 1596.

In summary, regardless of the route you opt to take; do not forget to hire a strong and comfortable ride to make your road trip memorable. Everything can be sorted when you deal with a reliable tour operator such as Your Drive Africa.

Leets Plan Self-Drive Routes for Kenya Road Trip:


Self-Drive Routes for Kenya Road Trip
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