Family Car Rental in Uganda

Family Car Rental in Uganda - The 5 Best Family Sized Cars

Our Family Car Rental in Uganda are equipped with amenities that allows you to travel with your family in a comfort. Family friendly cars comes with child seats, are fuel economy and are more spacious.

Family car rental in Uganda range from SUVs to Mini vans to passenger vans, the choice is yours and is based on you family size and cargo. There are several advantages to renting a family-sized car for your next vacation.

Need a good family-sized car for your family trip to Uganda? Choose from our classic family-sized cars; Super custom, Ipsum, Toyota Wish and then Email Us or WhatsApp us at: +256 777 906879.

Toyota Wish for Hire Uganda

Top 5 Best Family Car Rentals in Uganda:

1. Super Custom:

The Toyota Super Custom stands out with its spacious interior, ensuring a comfortable ride for all passengers. Its powerful engine is reliable for long drives, making it a great choice for exploring the countryside.

With ample luggage space, families can pack everything they need for their journey. Our 4×4 Super Custom are ideal for off-road travels and their rental fees starts at USD 55 per day on self drive and USD 80 per day with a driver.

2. Toyota Ipsum:

Compact yet versatile, the Toyota Ipsum is a fantastic option for families looking for efficiency and comfort. It accommodates up to 7 passengers driver inclusive.

It offers a smooth driving experience with its well-designed interior and user-friendly features, ensuring a stress-free ride. The Toyota Ipsum is available for self-drive at only USD 40 per day and USD 60 with a professional driver.

3. Toyota HiAce (Drone):

Known for its durability and robust performance, the Toyota HiAce (Drone) is ideal for families of up to 14 people seeking a reliable vehicle for their travels.

Toyota HiAce (Drone)

Its spacious cabin and large windows provide a great view of the surroundings, enhancing the travel experience. These vans are also suitable for Uganda family safaris and are rented from USD 100 per day with a professional driver guide.

4. Toyota Wish:

The Toyota Wish combines style and functionality, offering a sleek design without compromising on space. It is fuel-efficient, making it a cost-effective option for families looking to explore Uganda without breaking the bank.

Toyota Wish are ideal for town services and you can rent one at USD 40 per day on self drive or USD 60 chauffer driven.

5. Toyota Premio:

Perfect for smaller families or couples, the Toyota Premio is a stylish and compact sedan that doesn’t skimp on comfort. Its efficient fuel consumption and smooth handling make it a practical choice for navigating both city streets and rural areas.

Rent a Toyota Premio at USD 35 per day driving yourself or add USD $20 per day to hire a driver.

Toyota Premio

Technical Specifications for the Family Car Rental in Uganda

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Why Choose Our Family Car Rentals in Uganda?

Opting for our family-sized car rentals in Uganda guarantees a hassle-free and memorable travel experience.

These vehicles are meticulously maintained to ensure your safety on the road, and our competitive pricing ensures you get the best value for your money.

Enjoy family road trip in Uganda at your own pace, with the comfort and reliability of our family car rentals.

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