Toyota Wish Rental in Uganda

Toyota Wish Rental in Uganda, an Economical 4x4 Car Hire

Experience the ultimate convenience that comes with Toyota Wish Rental in Uganda, Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) is the most preferred budget car for travellers who plan to spend much of their time close to cities and towns.

This Toyota Wish Rental in Uganda is a family friendly car and remains an excellent MPV, with a massive, versatile interior and more about it dynamically than you might think.

It’s has become popular in Uganda due to the fact that it is fuel efficient and comfortable at the same time allowing you to stay within your budget. It is equipped with a Four wheel drive (4WD) and an automatic car which makes it easier to drive as long as you have the experience on the road.

Our Toyota Wish Rental in Uganda also comes with a well-designed interior that has three rows of seats that take up to seven people without sacrificing comfort for anyone. On top of that, these seats have fully functional seatbelts which does make sure all the users in the car are safe while on the road.

Toyota Wish also has a modern entertainment system, Air conditioner (AC) and much more that will make your road trip quite memorable.

Specifications of the Toyota Wish Rental in Uganda:

Why Hire a Toyota Wish in Uganda?

A Toyota wish rental in Uganda is not just a car but the best option for travelers on a tight budget. Below are some of the reasons why it is a car to consider on your trip in Uganda;

Spacious and Comfortable:

Unlike other MPVs, a Toyota Wish stands out as the most comfortable with a well-designed interior.

Toyota Wish Interior

Its front seats can be adjusted, the second row can take up to three people without sacrificing comfort for anyone. The third row of the car takes up to two people and can be folded back in case you want to create room for your luggage or cargo.


you will find in a Toyota wish include a standard radio and CD player, AUX audio, providing entertainment options during the journey. You will as well have USB ports available to charge your devices while on the road trip.

Fuel Consumption:

One of the reasons it’s a preferred choice amongst travelers is its low fuel consumption. A Toyota Wish offers a petrol engine of 2.0 litres and will consume 6.9L/100KM which is very good compared to other luxurious SUVs.

Safety and Security:

It has standard driver and passenger airbags, side impact bars, and safety seat belts. Toyota Wish for Hire in Uganda also comes equipped with power windows, power steering, centralized door lock to keep the driver and other passengers safe while on the road.

Toyota Wish Uganda

Requirements to Rent a Toyota Wish in Uganda:

What do I Need to Hire a Toyota Wish in Uganda?

To Rent a Toyota Wish in Uganda, all you need to do is send us valid copies of your driving license and passport and we will be able to take you through the booking process. This is for travelers who are interested in self drive Uganda.

A driving license is required because this gives us the confidence that in deed you know how to drive and have the experience required to be on the road. Your passport is required for identity purposes.

How Much does it Cost to Rent a Toyota Wish in Uganda?

The cost of hiring a Toyota Wish in Uganda varies and this depends on the rental duration. For travelers renting this MPV for more than 21 days, we have amazing car rental discounts you will enjoy thus reducing the cost.

The cost of renting a Toyota Wish is $40 per day and this includes roadside assistance and insurance for the car. Our rental fees also comes with unlimited mileage as long as you within the designated and unrestricted areas where this car is allowed.

We have no hidden charges which implies that everything you need to know about the car and the cost will be given to you before you start your trip. You shouldn’t expect surprise or hidden costs that may arise after you have received the car which makes us the best car rental service provider in Uganda.

Toyota Wish for Hire Uganda

Book Your Toyota Wish Rental in Uganda:

A Toyota Wish is a reliable car to use whether you are on a Kampala city tour, visiting Entebbe or even on a road trip to Jinja. To rent a Toyota Wish in Uganda, simply send us an email and we will be able to give you all the necessary information and take you through the booking process.

For inquiries or reservations, please contact Afrik-Trek Car Hire Uganda via:

Toyota Wish Restrictions:

Unlike other cars, Our Toyota Wish Rental in Uganda is strictly allowed to be driven in areas close to cities and towns.

In case you plan to travel to national parks and other hard to reach areas like Moroto or Northern Uganda, we recommend hiring stronger and reliable cars like a Land Cruiser Prado TX.

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