How Early Should I Book Rental Car

booking a rental car

How early should I book a rental car in Uganda is one of the commonly asked questions by most travelers on Uganda safari, especially when it comes to car hire services. Usually, most rental car agencies use dynamic rates depending on supply and demand to determine their prices.

In case of any plans to spend a holiday in Uganda, we always advise our clients to book their rental car as early as possible as the early bird catches the best rental car rates with the best offers! Preferably, you can book a rental car for your safari in Uganda at least 3-6 months earlier prior the actual travel date. Booking a rental car in advance is of great advantage as it helps you plan appropriately for your holiday. 

booking a rental car

Prices for rental cars in Uganda and also other destination keep changing in most cases depending on the rental car agency or company and location. Reserving a rental car early is an added advantage since you have a chance to enjoy the low rates. This comes the fact that you get a chance to penetrate the market which also may earn you a discount with best offers which you may not get if it is late booking.

Some essential tips for booking a rental car early.

  • Never expect many last-minute deals-usually when a holiday reaches, most rental car companies rent out cars and the few that remain can be rented out expensively and depending on your wallet size, you may not find the best for your road trip.
  • Look at the pre-paid prices-peak or high seasons in most cases attract better results than pay later rates. For starters, do not forget to cancel your car booking in case you find the best deal or decide not to hire a vehicle afterwards.
  • Reserve your car in advance in case you need a large vehicle; rental car agencies can easily rent out a larger car for instance coaster buses, minivans, SUVs due to high demand. To be on safer side, reserve your car at least 2 weeks early or even earlier than that. 
  • Reserving a rental car early for your safari in Uganda allows you save some cash the fact that you stand a chance to get your dream car just within your wallet size. It is important to note that doing things at the last minute comes with so many challenges and so is rental cars. Firstly, you won’t have room to bargain for the best price because you will be surrounded by pressure since the date will be knocking.
  • Booking a rental car early comes with plenty of time for you to conduct adequate research. Thereafter, you can be in position to make comparison between various car hire options from different car rental agencies and choose the best rental car for your Uganda safari.
  • Booking a rental car early is essential, especially for those of you who may want to change your mind depending on your travel needs. You have room to make your mind and get the best rental car for your safari in Uganda.

In summary, for any plans to embark on a Uganda safari this coming holiday, consider booking your rental car in advance at least 3-6 months early before the actual trip. 

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