Toyota Land Cruiser TX - Prado TX

Rent a Toyota Land Cruiser TX/TZ in Uganda Affordably at $70

Toyota Land Cruiser TX is the most reliable cheap 4×4 SUV for a Ugandan road trip be it city tour or off-road adventure. Rent a Toyota Land-Cruiser TX with car hire Uganda and enjoy a smooth self-drive to any corner of the country.

Embark on a road trip using our Toyota Land Cruiser TX/TZ and discover what makes Uganda the pearl of Africa. They take up to 5pax and come in with incredible features especially air conditioners.

Make a choice from our classic diesel/petrol-manual or automatic transmission and have a memorable safari holiday in Uganda.

Toyota Land Cruiser TX Specifications:

Advantages of Renting our Land Cruiser TX in Uganda:

  1. Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: Rest easy with our inclusive insurance package, ensuring peace of mind throughout your journey.
  2. Unbeatable Affordability: Get behind the wheel of the most budget-friendly SUV rental option at just $70 per day for self-drive adventures.
  3. Roadside Support and Rescue: Enjoy complimentary roadside assistance, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience wherever you go.
  4. Fuel Options Tailored to You: Choose from three fuel consumption variations – 2.7cc for fuel economy enthusiasts, 3.0cc, and 3.4cc for long distances, ensuring a personalized driving experience.
  5. Abundant Availability: With our fleet of numerous Toyota Land Cruiser TX vehicles, a breakdown won’t disrupt your plans. We’ll promptly replace any vehicle that encounters issues.
  6. Wildlife Exploration Made Easy: Some of our Toyota Land Cruiser TX models feature pop-up roofs, perfect for wildlife enthusiasts seeking a viewing safari experience.
  7. Camping Convenience: Select Toyota Land Cruiser TX with camping gear, such as roof top tents, cooking stove, etc. allowing you to embark on memorable camping excursions in Uganda and beyond hassle-free.

Land Cruiser TX/TZ Self Drive Rates:

Price/day in USD:

Low Season:

Peak Season:

1- 6 days

$ 75

$ 80

7- 14 days

$ 70

$ 75

15+ days

$ 65

$ 70

The High Season is between June to September and December to February where as the Low Season is between March to May and October to November.

Land Cruiser TX Rental with a Driver:

Discover Uganda in style and comfort with our Toyota Land Cruiser TX rentals, complemented by our team of experienced and knowledgeable English-speaking driver-guides.

When exploring Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja or other parts of Uganda, our standard drivers are available for a mere $30 added to the car rental cost. Renting a Land Cruiser TX/TZ with a driver comes with a discount.

For an enriched journey through Uganda’s national parks and various tourist attractions, opt for a professional guide. For just an additional $45 per day, these guides bring an in-depth understanding of wildlife and expertise to your Land Cruiser TX/TZ adventure.

Hire a Land Cruiser TX for Cross-Border Tour:

Our Toyota Land Cruiser TX/TZ vehicles are not just confined to Uganda’s borders; they’re built for extensive road trips across East Africa.

Whether you’re going on a road trip in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, or beyond, our well-documented vehicles ensure a smooth transition, eliminating the need for multiple rentals.

We also offer convenient one-way rentals, such as from Entebbe Airport Uganda to Kigali Airport of Rwanda, providing flexibility that aligns perfectly with your travel plans.

Choose the perfect plan to suit your exploration needs and enjoy the ease of our Toyota Land Cruiser TX/TZ rentals tailored for cross-border adventures.

Rent a Land Cruiser TX Today!

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