How To Choose The Best Car Rental Company

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How To Choose The Best Car Rental Company 

With hundreds of car hire companies that are widely spread in different parts of Uganda, choosing the best car can be challenging. The car rental company or agency you choose to deal with matters a lot if you are to have a successful and complete Uganda safari experience.  There are many factors to look for when choosing the best car rental company in Uganda and they include among others;


The car rental company or tour operator you choose to deal with should be registered, recognized and licensed to operate. You will realize that most of the car hire agencies or companies operate illegally a reason you need to be certain if the one you choose to deal with is recognized to avoid disappointments. Others may have a long list of negative reviews from visitors whom they arranged a safari or rented the car to. The best to find out this is for you to cross check on the trip advisor or safari booking.


The best way to find out if the car rental company you plan to reserve the car is reputable is by cross checking on its content online. Each car rental company has website which you can check to ascertain what they do, what their offers among other key things. On the ‘about’ page, you should find the physical address, contact and also have some time to go through their blog posts.

The car rental agency or company should also be realistic about trip advisor and many other areas where clients write their opinions. For any need to rent a car for a safari in Uganda, simply get in touch with our reservation team and we shall have your travel needs met.

Cars for hire

With our fleet of rental cars, a safari in Uganda should not be something to worry about. Our fleet of rental cars range from budget to luxury and depending on your travel needs, you can choose from our compact 4×4 Toyota Rav4, Toyota Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Roof tent, Toyota Hiace Roof Hatch, Super Custom Vans, Land Cruiser Extended, Coaster buses, Land Cruisers among others.

Time conscious 

Communication between a client and the agent is very key. This is one way for you to get feedback promptly especially on questions about availability of car, the car type, offers among others.


The car hire company you choose to deal with should be reliable. The company should be in position to offer the car you need at the time you need. We are a reliable and trustworthy car rental company in Uganda you can deal with while on Uganda safari. Get in touch with our reservation team and we shall be at your service. 

Check the rates

Different car hire companies set different prices for their rental cars and that is why you need to do some research on which one offers the best rates. When choosing the best car rental company to deal with, choose the one with competitive prices and also the best offers. Researching through various car rental companies is of great advantage as it helps you make comparisons between different companies to make the best choice.


Most car hire companies include standard insurance on their prices which at times shoots up the rates compared to what is stated. To be on a safer side, we recommend that you deal with a car rental company whose rental cars have comprehensive insurance. 

Road assistance

Before you make your mind to deal with any rental car agency, first you need to know if they offer road assistance especially in case of road accidents. Hiring a car with us for a Uganda safari assures you of 24/7 road assistance while on a road trip in case of any need.

Terms and conditions

Every car rental company or agency has its own set terms and conditions that visitors have to observe when hiring a car. You therefore need to read through the set terms and conditions to avoid incurring costs.

In summary, with the above tips, we believe that you will be in position to choose the best car rental company to deal with.

How To Choose The Best Car Rental Company
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