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Long Term Car Rental Kenya | Best 4x4 Monthly Car Hire Deals

Affordably explore Kenya with discounted Long Term Car Rental Kenya. Looking for flexible and reliable long term car lease Nairobi for a self-drive tour? We are the leading Long-Term Car Rental Kenya for your East African road trip whether sole, with your family or a group of friends.

Our Long Term Car Rental Kenya offers start at 15 days however if you start with 12 days and extend your car hire Kenya days, you will be able to benefit from our exciting offers. We have a large fleet of Rental Cars in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa that are well serviced and maintained to give you the very best experience as you drive on the road.

These cars include small compact cars and a 4×4 SUVs that you can hire for self drive or car rental with a driver in Kenya. You can hire a saloon car, Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop, Land Cruiser TX, Land cruiser V8, Land cruiser GX manual, Nissan patrol, safari van, safari Land Cruiser among others.

Our cars come with amazing features to give you the best experience on the road. These include a first aid kit, air conditioner (AC), extra comfortable seats, a spare tyre, modern entertainment system, USB charging port, Audio Jerk and much more.

Best Vehicles for Long Term Car Rental Kenya:

Toyota Land Cruiser TX - Prado TX

Toyota Land Cruiser TX @ $90 / Day: With a seating capacity of up to 7pax, fuel consumption of 11 km/l, engine sizes 2.7 cc, 3.0cc and 3.4cc, this is one of the most iconic Toyota cars you can rent in Kenya at the cheapest price.

Land Cruiser V8

Land Cruiser V8 / VX @ $125 /Day: Known for its reliability and robust performance on long road trips, this 4×4 vehicle offers superior comfort and space for cargo. It’s equipped with amenities such as radio, AC to make your tour amazing.

Safari Land Cruisers Extended

Safari Land Cruisers Extended @ $200 / Day: For your small group Kenya Safari, this land Cruiser 7 seater is the best option when it comes to wildlife viewing, long road trips and comfort. It’s custom made for game drive safaris.

Land Cruiser Box Model

Land Cruiser Box Model @ $150 /Day: A robust, iconic Toyota offering unmatched strength and versatility. Slightly pricier yet worth every penny, its reliability, space and off-road capability make it an ideal choice for long term car rental Kenya.

Land Cruiser V8 with Double Rooftop tents

Land Cruisers with Rooftop Tents @ $140 / Day: Get a Kenya car rental with roof top tent and camping gear for a true wilderness experience. Whether you’re on budget, or love the outdoors, or just don’t want to have to book a lodge or hotel.

Van Rental Uganda

Kenya Safari Vans for Rent @ $110 / Day: The safari vans are customized to carry up to 9 passengers on a game viewing exploration, they are 4×4, consumes less fuel, have a pop up roof and luggage space. Our Safari vans comes with a driver.

Key Benefits of Long Term Car Rental Kenya:

Advantages of renting a Car for a Long Period in Kenya;

  • Cost-effective: One of the main advantages of long term car hire Kenya are the amazing discounts that come with a car for such a time. When you rent a car in Kenya for more than a month, the rental costs tend to be lower compared to when you are hiring on a daily basis.
  • Unlimited Exploration: Long term car rental Kenya gives you the opportunity to travel to the various destinations and get to discover Kenya’s hidden gems at your own pace. These include national parks, cultural sites or cities, even if you are renting a car in Kenya for your business trip, you will get to enjoy the comfort and flexibility that comes with it.
  • Peace of Mind: Renting a car on a long term basis gives you the privacy and comfort that you will need throughout your rental period which you won’t get once you use public means of transport.
  • Convenience: Owning and maintaining a car is costly and frustrating but when you hire a car in Kenya on a long term basis, you will forget about all that. It gives you the freedom and peace of mind where you will never have to worry about the next service or roadside assistance.
  • Flexibility: After a given car rental Kenya period, you will have the opportunity to choose a different car model or even swap for a seamless experience.

How Much is it to Rent a Car in Kenya for Long Term?

Our car hire prices in Nairobi and other rental locations on long term car rent Kenya are so far the best and most affordable. However, these are determined by the type of car you are renting, the number of days and your destination as well.

For travelers renting a car for 28 days, you will be able to enjoy our amazing discounts on car hire Kenya but if you wish to extend and rent for more than a month, we will give you a huge discount thus reducing your car hire prices in Nairobi.

We have various cars you can hire in Kenya and if you are renting a saloon car or any other smaller SUV, the cost of car rental Kenya will be slightly lower than when you are renting bigger SUVs like a Land Cruiser V8. Therefore, the more comfortable the car is, the more you are likely to pay for it.

If you plan on crossing to Kenya’s sister countries, we request that you do inform us days prior to your arrival so that we arrange the required documents for you to cross into these countries with ease.

Unlike other long term car rentals in Nairobi, we’ll take care of insurance, registration and routine maintenance — so you’ll have a fully-serviced experience for the period you will be with our car.

Our car hire prices in Nairobi comes with unlimited mileage giving you the freedom to explore to the various destinations in the country that include National parks to fully discover what these do have within their boundaries.

What you Need to Hire a Car in Kenya for a Month?

To rent a car in Kenya for a self drive tour, you will need to have availed us with a valid copy of your driving license and valid copy of passport. We usually ask these to confirm that you have the experience to drive and be on the road.

We also ask for these documents so that we know where to start from in case of an emergency. On top of these, you will also need to be aged between 25 – 65 years to have a car availed to you for self drive. Travelers aged below the age of 25 years will be subjected to an underage surcharge.

Traffic Guidelines to Follow while Driving in Kenya:

Like any other country, while driving in Kenya you are expected to adhere to the set traffic guidelines for your safety and other road users. These traffic guidelines include:

  • Respect Road Signs: Ensure at all times as you drive in Kenya, you respect the road signs such as traffic lights, no parking lights, zebra crossing and more. You will also ensure that you keep on the left side of the road as you drive and only overtake from the right side of the road.
  • Don’t drive under the influence at all times while on the road. This is for your own safety and other road users. Once found guilty, you penalized or imprisoned.
  • Respect Traffic Officer’s Directives: Traffic officers in Kenya are friendly and once they ask you to stop, please do so. They do this to check whether the car you are driving is in the right conditions and meets the requirements to be on the road. They will also ask to check your driving license whether its valid and once you are found to have committed no offence, you will be allowed to proceed with your trip.
  • Mind your Parking: We recommend parking in designated places around Kenya for your security and the car as well.
  • Always wear your seatbelt.

To rent a car in Kenya, send us an email on carhireuganda@gmail.com and our reservations team will get back to you as soon possible to make sure they brief you about each and everything you need to know about car rental Kenya.

You can alternatively call us direct on +256 777 906879 and our customer care agent will give you all the necessary information you need as you plan to that long term car rental Kenya.

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