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4x4 Double Roof Top Tent Car Rental in Uganda; Best Car Tent

Explore Uganda in style with our Double Roof Top Tent Car and sleep under the stars but off the ground with your partner. Rent car top tent for 2 at an affordable price today!

Double roof top tent car is an exceptional choice vehicle mostly designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Double roof top tent cars are wide enough to provide an ample sleeping space for about four people. These upper tents provide a comfortable and elevated sleeping area giving the visitors a rewarding experience.

Most of the double roof top tent cars are equipped with a sturdy ladder for easy access to the upper tent. The tents are made from a durable waterproof and weather-resistant material.

Are you planning to sleep in any place of your choice? The Double roof top tent car is a perfect choice to help you fulfill you plans and dreams.

Double Rooftop Tent Car Models:

It is not that double rooftop tents can perfectly fit on all cars. There are the most popular cars that are best for Double rooftop tents and they include;

Design and Structure of a Double Roof Tent Car:

A double roof tent car is a vehicle that combines a strengthened base vehicle with a two rooftop tents installed capable of accommodating two or more occupants.

The design involves strengthening the vehicle’s roof, selecting a suitable tent mechanism, and creating a comfortable sleeping area within the tent. The roof rack or roof bars must be strong enough to support the weight of the tents and all of the camping gear plus the occupants.

How much does it cost to hire a car with a double rooftop tent?

The costs of hiring a safari car with a double roof top tent differ and vary according to the specific car you want to hire. Hiring a land cruiser V8/VX with a double roof top tent costs $130 per day, Land cruiser box model with a double roof top tent costs $140. These are all strong vehicles with four wheel drive making them the best cars for outdoor enthusiasts.

Double Roof Top Tent Car Rental Costs in Uganda:

Car ModelDaily rates:Weekly Rates:Monthly Rates:
Land Cruiser V8/VXUSD 130USD 890USD 3,820
Toyota Land Cruiser GXUSD 120USD 820USD 3,520
Land Cruiser Box ModelUSD 140USD 960USD 4,120

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Benefits and Advantages of using Double Roof Tent Cars:

  • Given the fact that double roof top tents are usually set up on the car roofs, they provide an elevated sleeping platform, keeping users off the ground and away from potential hazards.
  • Using a double roof top tent increases on the sleeping space available. The double roof top tent car can accommodate to a maximum of four people with space provided for their camping gear.
  • Double roof top tents are made are made of a durable, water proof and weather resistant material which provides a comfortable camping experience to the visitor.
  • Double roof top tents provide a convenient and comfortable sleeping space while on the road.
  • Having a double roof top tent saves time and money in that you do not need to book and pay for accommodation in hotels.
  • Double rooftop tents are easy to set up and take down, making them ideal for quick stops or overnight.

Setup and Takedown Process of Cars with Double Roof Tent:

Setting up a roof top tent is relatively easy and straightforward. You start by placing the tent on the roof of the car. Tighten the tent firmly to the car with the use of provided straps and clips.

Open the tent and extend the ladder, if necessary. Once the ladder is in place, unfold the tent and secure it to the car using the provided straps.

Finally, secure the rainfly over the tent and ensure that all the windows and vents are properly sealed.

To take down the tent, the first step is removing the rainfly and stowing it away. Fold the tent and keep the straps. Then, retract the ladder and fold it up. Then remove the straps and clips from the car and stow the tent away in its carrying bag.

Car Rooftop Tent Weight Limit:

It is so crucial for you to know the weight limit/ maximum weight that the tent can afford just to ensure safety and prevent any damage to the tent or the vehicle it is mounted on.

A double roof top tent car is licensed to support only 600 pounds or 272.155 kilo grams depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.

You are advised to ensure that the tent is not overloaded because exceeding the weight limit can lead to structural damage and compromise the safety of the occupants.

Tips for Choosing the Right Double Roof Tent Car:

In order to have the best camping experience, you need to make it a point to choose a car that can suit a double rooftop tent. With so many options of cars available on market, it happens to be so easy for you to make the right choice. Below are tips to help you select the perfect double roof tent car that can suit your needs.

The first thing you should do is to consider the size and capacity of the tent car. Take note and ensure that it is spacious enough to accommodate the number of people you are planning to camp with.

Make sure that the car you chose has enough storage space for your camping gear and other luggage. A rooftop tent car with multiple storage compartments will be of higher use to you.

Ensure that the double roof top tent car you are to take with you is made of a durable, water proof and weather resistant material. This can be in position to withstand different climatic conditions

How to Hire a Car with a Double Roof Tent?

Do you want to hire a car with a double rooftop tent from us? You just have to visit our contact us page, fill in the home with relevancy and then submit to let our experts receive you message and get back to you immediately. You can even decide to contact us directly on +256 752 906 965 or email us via

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Top Tents;

Where to rent a rooftop tent?

We are the best experienced company when it comes to hiring a cars with rooftop tents.

Are car roof tents safe?

Yes, despite of the fact that the tent is set up on the roof of a car, it is elevated and hence protecting the user from ground animals such as snakes.

Can I put a roof tent on my car?

Yes, it is very possible for you to put a rooftop tent on your car. You only require a roof top rack.

What is the point of a rooftop tent?

Rooftop tents allow you to go camping and it doesn’t restrict you to the location options you are held to with the traditional tent.

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