Fuel Consumption of Different Car Rentals

Fuel Consumption of Different Car Rentals Uganda Calculated

Different rental cars have their own fuel consumption rate. When choosing your ride for your Uganda safaris, first, be certain of how much fuel the car you intend to use for a road trip can consume.

This can allow you maximize on fuel savings and guarantees a smooth road trip. Here is the list of rental cars in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya with their fuel consumption rates;

Different Rental Cars Fuel Consumption Calculated:

Toyota Land Cruiser TX/TZ.

Ideal for self-drive road trips in Uganda, our Toyota Land Cruiser TX is all terrain ride. It is an exceptional Sport Utility Vehicle with capacity of 7pax.

Land cruiser TX hire Kenya

The fuel consumption of Toyota Land cruiser TX rental is 2.8 to 3.5L and its fuel tank takes up to 87 litres. On highways, our Toyota Land cruiser Prado TX can use 1L per 5km and on urban routes, it can consume 1L per 6km.

Toyota HiAce Drone Car.

Toyota Hiace Drone rental car available in manual and automatic transmission.

We have a 9-seater Drone rental car – diesel engine and has fuel consumption rate of 7km per litre but this may vary depending on the acceleration rate.

Toyota Land cruiser VX/V8.

Interested in luxury rides? Book our Toyota Land cruiser VX/V8 rental, one of our top luxury fleets.

This luxury Land cruise type uses up to 1L per 3km and is fitted with a petrol engine, while the diesel engine can use 1L per 4km.

Land Cruiser V8 VX rental Rwanda

We have a full time 4×4 Land Cruiser VX/V8.

Toyota RAV4.

The Toyota Rav4 rental car is notably the best Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) rental selection when it comes to efficient fuel consumption.

Toyota Rav4 cars come with engine of 2.5-Litre four cylinder and has fuel consumption of 10 to 12 km/L. The tank capacity of 4WD Toyota RAV4 is 55 litres.

Other important features of Toyota Rav4 include spare tyre, tyre pressure, A/C, capacity -3 door model taking up to 2 adults with/without camp gear and luggage while capacity for 5-door model takes 4 adults/3 adults plus camp gear and luggage.

Toyota RAV4 Rental Rwanda

Entertainment amenities include radio with small speakers, USB and an audio port. You can book your favorite Toyota Rav4 rental through an expert and enjoy the best of Uganda road trip.

4×4 Safari Land Cruiser Extended.

4×4 Safari Land Cruiser is with not doubt the most favorite rental options for anyone intending to go on wildlife safari in Uganda. Choose from our Land Cruiser 70 series/Land cruiser legendary, and enjoy a road trip free of worries.

Not only are our Land cruiser rentals known for their powerfulness when it comes to challenging terrains but they are also preferred rides road trips thanks to their efficient fuel consumption rates.

Safari Land Cruisers Extended

Fuel consumption of safari Land Cruiser is 1L/4km on speedways, then 1L/KM on city running. Land Cruiser safari car rentals are fitted with 4164cc engine and 1KHZ and have a maximum power of 96/3800kw/rpm. This is especially the Land cruiser hardtop.

Safari Land Cruiser Extended come in 2 types; 6 and 8 seat-models. The 6-seat model features 2 seats in front and 4 passenger seats. The 8-seat model has 2 in front seats and 6 in the wagon compartment.

The Land Cruiser 70 series is a full time 4×4 rental and is an all-terrain ride and available in manual transmission.

Toyota Land Cruiser Box.

A classic Toyota Land Cruiser Box model, a reliable and sturdy ride available in manual transmission. This 5-cylinder diesel engine car has high ground clearance and excellent for tough terrains.

Land Cruiser Box Model

Its fuel consumption varies depending on the terrain of the area, the load and driving behavior. Overall, its fuel consumption revolves around 8km/L. It takes up to 4pax and still you have room to pack your luggage.

Land Cruiser Troopy with Pop Up Roof.

Embarking on a road trip using the Land cruiser troopy model fitted with pop-up roof guarantees you exceptional wildlife views. This land cruiser stretch is fitted with 6 seats and in case you have camping gear, it accommodates up to only 4pax.

It is a 6-cylinder diesel engine with high ground clearance. The fuel consumption is 8km per litre. It also comes with a pop-up roof for you to maximize your game viewing excursion in destinations such as Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park or Murchison Falls National Park.

Safari Van.

Perfect for group travels, a 4×4 Safari Van is one of our classic rides available for your road trips in Uganda. Our Safari Van rentals are pocket-friendly and in terms of fuel consumption, they use 1L per 9 miles on city running, 1L per 7 miles while on highways, overall –they can use 9L per 100km.

Safari Vans Hire Rwanda

We have mechanically fit Safari Van rentals of 1998 to 2000 models with engine size of 2770cc. Other useful features; capacity of our Safari Van rental cars is 9 seats, height 1.9m, width 1.6m and length 4.5m.

Coaster Bus Rental.

Coaster bus rental car comes with 6 cylinder engine –diesel and in automatic/manual transmission. On highway, a Coaster bus rental uses 13L per 100km and while during city running, it consumes 16L per km.

The average distance a full tank may cover is 500km. We have Coaster bus rentals with varying capacity of 25 to 30pax.

Nissan Patrol Rental Car.

A full tank of Nissan Patrol is 140L. It can use up to 17.8L per 100km

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