Camping Gear for Hire Uganda

Camping Gear for Hire Uganda – Car Rental with Camping Gear:

Understanding the camping gear suitable for your self drive safari in Uganda is as vital as knowing which car rental will cruise through the roads of Uganda seamlessly.

When booking a car for self-drive for Uganda holiday, put into consideration the items that will help you on your journey. We have created a list of most useful items on camping safari in Uganda.

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Uganda is one of Africa’s best destinations for bush camping. There is no better way to freely explore and experience Uganda’s beauty than embarking on self-drive tour and incorporate it with wilderness camping. It draws visitors close to nature making it one of the unusual experiences.

But to have enjoyable camping tour while on Uganda safari holiday, what you pack does matter a lot. In this article, we have listed essential camping gear you should have on backpacking or camping trip.

Essential Camping Gear Uganda:


The unique side about camping is that tourists spend a night in a tent. There are countless types of tents but we recommend waterproof camping tents. These can help protect you when it rains or from wet ground.

Car rental with Camping tents Uganda

Depending on your travel interest, you can choose from festival tents, mountaineering tents, family tents, beach shelters, pop-up tents, backpacking tents and others. Alternatives, you rent our comfortable car hire with rooftop tents that can save you a lot more from hiring a car and tents differently.

Camper chair

Camping is amazing outdoor experience worth taking part with your family. Sharing wilderness memories in the evening or while having lunch or meals with your dear ones is better on your camper chair.

There are wide selection of camper chairs you can carry ranging from coleman oversized quad chair, helinox swivel chair, alps mountaineering king kong, helinox chair and others.

Sleeping bags

Another important camping gear to carry is sleeping bag. Unlike other trips, camping isn’t for those looking for comfort. There is no deluxe mattress here but rather your night will be spent on sleeping bags however, these can be comfortable. Ensure your sleeping bag comes with bed sheets, pillow and blanket.


You may opt for a small mattress instead of sleeping bags. Ensure you have a mattress easier to carry. Amazingly, you can find good mattress when you rent car because some come with them.

Camping storing box

This is one of the essential camping gears you should have. It is essential in keeping your stuffs like food and you can choose from varied camping storage units like the three flat collapsible bowls, solo food container, standsport collapsible campsite carry all and others.

Camping lamps/torches

Torches/Lamps are very good to have while on camping tour in Uganda or any other destination. You can have lighting ever led lantern, black diamond Apollo lantern and many more which are essential light source at night.

Gas tank and burner, stoves

Gas tank and burner/stoves

Camping is usually done in places with no electricity but at the end of the day, you need something to eat. To prepare something, you require a gas tank and burner/gas cooker/stoves.

Camping tables

You need a lightweight camping table for dining. They are good for your relaxing moment with your dear ones and you can choose from compact outdoor table to alps mountaineering table depending on your travel interest.

Other essential camping gear include electric cooler box, kitchenware, frying pans and pots, percolator, headlights, chopping board, cutlery, jerrycan, cups and many more.


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Best Cars for Camping Safari in Uganda

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Double roof top tent car

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Land Cruiser Box Model also Land cruiser 70 Hardtop is a highly popular and iconic vehicle on the 4×4 & SUV market… See Details

Camping Gears for Hire Uganda
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